Dawn at Eastern Point 16 x 20

Lighthouses just say New England to me and Cape Ann has some that are truly picturesque. Let me start with Eastern Point Light. This ever-flashing beacon to seaman marks the entrance to Gloucester’s working harbor. It is easy to find. Just get to Eastern Point Boulevard in Gloucester and take it to the very end and you find a parking lot. A little footpath right by the chain link fence will take you to the jetty and from there you can look back to the lighthouse. The path can be a bit tricky so be careful.

The Jetty at Eastern Point

According to the Cape Ann vacation websites the Eastern Point Lighthouse was built on in 1832. In addition to the light, there is a large lighthouse station, which continues to house the U.S. Coast Guard. Supposedly one of the station’s more famous occupants was Winslow Homer. He lived there for one year in 1880. For you trivia buffs the beacon flashes every 5 seconds and directly into the window of my home which sits in front of a tiny island called Norman’s Woe at the opposite end of the harbor entrance.

For you budding photographers the sun rises most of the year directly behind the lighthouse so with just the right cloud formation you can get a very dramatic photograph. There is a long jetty that leads out from the lighthouse that provides a wonderful leading line of sight back to this iconic landmark.

Grey Morning

I have been there  two different days for a set of dramatic sunrise photographs each of which had thee own special character and light. If you don’t like to wake up at the crack of dawn as I do You can also get some nice sunset pictures at the other end of Eastern Point form the private beaches there that look towards the harbor.

Eastern Point Silhoette

Sunset at Eastern Point