Some wise and dedicated Rockport, Massachusetts people found a way to preserve their gorgeous coastline and  provide “right of way” access to some of the most beautiful spots in Cape Ann. through a set of public footpaths. Some of these cross right through some backyards of residents. The Rockport Preservation video  is a bit long but it explains the preservation process the responsible people in the town have worked through.

Today let’s enjoy the beauty of Flat Rocks Point, which can be found off a public footpath on Eden Road. I don’t want to tell you exactly where it is, because it is just so much fun to drive and explore the streets that hug the Rockport coast. Every turn is another amazing ocean or lighthouse view. Unfortunately the “no parking” or “residents only” signs are a bit of a hindrance to those of that follow rules. Fortunately, no one has stopped me yet!

I have come to Fat Rocks on two different mornings, both times about 45 minutes before sunrise till about one hour after. There are great views of Thatcher Island’s Twin Lighthouses in the distance. One can also appreciate the interesting tide pools, boulders and even a distant view of Straitsmouth Island Lighthouse that stands just to the south of Rockport’s scenic harbor.

tide pool at flat rocks


Paradise rock at flat point

But the real prize one morning was the fiery red sky as a backdrop to the rocks,  the twin lighthouses, and these precious wildflowers clinging to the rocks.

The Wild Fowers at Flat Rocks 16 x 20